Supply Chain

RFIDiom have worked on various industrial Supply Chain Management (SCM) RFID implementations in warehousing, manufacturing and distribution centre facilities. Our clients range from the retail garment sector to heavy-duty automotive manufacturers.

Using an RFID Inventory Management system, or integration of RFID into your exisiting WMS, offers cost and time savings unmatched by any other form of technology, and Return on Investment (ROI) can be seen in as little as 6 months. Busy manufacturing sites with continuous 24hr HGV and fork-lift truck operations and can be fraught with Inventory, Warehouse Management, Logistical and Health & Safety issues; RFID and NFC can be implemented to tackle all areas of operation at Manufacturing, Warehouse and Logistic level.

Laden boxes, stillages and containers are loaded on to trailers via intelligent UHF RFID dock-door portals; resulting in continuous real-time inventory of assets. Strategic positioning of portals at various process intersection points and intelligent middleware applications are used to extrapolate additional information. Examples include direction of goods movement; number and type of containers; and status of current items being processed.

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Tag Selection

  • We carry out detailed and rigorous performance testing on a selection of LF, HF, UHF, semi-active, active, GPS, RTLS and passive EPC Gen2 inlays and tags across a wide range of sizes and silicon technologies
  • We produce price/performance correlative data for budgetary and contractual requirements and obligations
  • We investigate performance limitations
  • We implement smart Tag Data Encoding schemes

Hardware Selection

  • We carry out performance and EPC Gen2 feature testing on a selection of fixed (portal) readers and mobile handheld devices
  • We investigate various reader antennas and RF interoperability issues
  • We assess various industry-standard and proprietary reader communication protocols and methods

Process Enhancement

  • We determine optimum and alternative tag application positions on various assets and inventory
  • We advise on strategic installation points of UHF RFID portals and other hardware infrastructure
  • We dvise on operator ‘best practices’ and performance limitations

System Optimisation

  • We conduct RF site surveys and adjust reader transmission power and channel allocations accordingly
  • We calibrate RFID read-zones and optimise proximity sensor detection and rejection fields
  • We optimise reader parameters, firmware settings and TCP/IP network configuration

Software Integration

  • We evaluate software middleware providers based on system requirements, performance and budget
  • We integrate middleware application across the client’s entire network infrastructure
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