Retail Solutions

RFID has multiple benefits to the retail industry throughout each stage, from manufacture to shipping, the warehouse to shop-floor, and promotions and loyalty cards. Studies researching into RFID use in the retail environment have found that it can reduce out-of-stocks by up to 30%, having an positive impact on sales.

Using RFID to improve inventory accuracy also means staff spend less time checking stock and more time with the customer. When RFID is applied during the supply chain process, it can reduce staff checking time for inbound goods by up to a massive 80%, and continual inventory checks of what is on the shop-floor and in the store is also improved, meaning it can be done more frequently, or with fixed infrastructure can be in real-time. Brand authenticity is a serious issue for retailers, with the need to gurantee genuinity paramount to shoppers. With high-levels of encryption, and the ability to integrate into products, RFID can be discreetly used effectively as an authentication aid.

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Inventory Accuracy
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Reduce Shrink & Loss
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Decrease Out-of-Stock