Common RFID

Hardware Components

RFID Scanner

Handheld RFID Reader

This type of RFID reader is portable and lightweight. It allows you to read RFID tags on the go. They typically come with an integrated or detachable mobile device and custom mobile apps to connect the mobile device to the RFID reader. WIFI or mobile broadband on the mobile device allows for RFID data to be transmitted to and from cloud backends. Model in picture is the Zebra RFD 8500

Fixed RFID Reader

Fixed readers are used to read the RFID tags on items as they pass by or are placed within the reader's read range. They are an unobtrusive way of tracking the movement of asset and inventory items, monitoring production lines, etc. They can 7 be mains powered or have power over Ethernet. Fixed readers tend to require an external antenna. Model in picture is the DENSO UR40 with built-in antenna

Fixed RFID Redaer

RFID Antenna

RFID Antenna

RFID readers use the antenna to transmit and receive the radio frequency signals. Handheld readers typically have small antennas encased with the reader itself whilst fixed readers require an external antenna. Antennas can come in different form factors to suit different business applications. Model in picture is the Times-7 antenna


RFID tags comprise of an antenna and an RFID chip. The chip stores information such as the tag ID and other information. The antenna is powered on when it receives a signal from the RFID Antenna, and receives and transmits radio frequency signals. RFID tags are affixed to items to be tracked using an RFID reader and antenna.


RFID Sensor

RFID Sensors

RFID Sensors are similar to RFID tags but have a sensor in addition to the chip and antenna. The sensor is typically used to read environmental information such as temperature, humidity, luminosity, etc. This information is sent along with the tag ID when the sensor is interrogated by an RFID Reader and Antenna.