Aspire Eventware

Deployed on secure Cloud hosting platforms, ASPIRE EVENTWARE is our user friendly event management software package creating tailor-made events and helping enhance guest experiences. We want your events to be more efficient, effective, well controlled and therefore more fun for all involved. Guests can spend less time at registration desks, queuing for gift bags etc and more time engaging with was it important to them instead.

ASPIRE offers a system to discreetly monitor guests around your event, allowing them to focus on the day without countless registration points or disruption. With RFID sensor technology and digital software integration throughout the event, you can connect with and manage your guests across multiple sites but still have all your real time data visible and held in one place.

ASPIRE can help you understand what is working for your event with real-time dashboard reports and allowing you to act immediately to improve results, evaluate event performance or identify new revenue opportunities RFID tracking via wristbands or a tag helps you never lose visibility of who your guests are, where your guests are, and what your guests need. See more by visiting our Aspire Eventware website here.